offer's a online source for music but the music disappears if you do not stay with monthly service called "Content Unlimited". PCDJ has a "pool"  and the content is yours  to keep forever, other D.J. pool's listed below.

Traktor is great software and comes when you purchase a dual USB out sound card for $99.

Other DJ/VJ Software.

Make Sure your Covered:



Professional Adult Nightclub D.J. Association


More Industry Music/Video Suggestions.  = You Keep the MP4 Video's. Our Rating 2.5 out of 5 Stars. Offer No "Rock" section. You keep the Video's. Our Rating 4 out of 5 Stars.
Also check out No rating for this service yet, free to sign up and look.
Another mention from the PANDA forums via FB is  and
We put together a FREE version of FireFox "Portable" with Ultra HD YouTube Downloader built in available at:
AdultClubDJs/com/ Please make sure you have content owners permission before downloading Copyright Material.

Need to make sure your Folders and back up Files match Free with WinMerge.
More Great Software: 100.00 for pro version.
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All 4 Domain Names above for sale, all links on page are safe.

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